• Touch of Class - denim skinny III

Touch of Class - denim skinny III


5" - 8"
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Radiant. Elegant. Astounding.

Designed around this original steel-cut French Victorian button from the 18th century. The steel is cut at a multitude of angles to create surfaces that catch and reflect ambient beams of light. Although the sparkle mimics the gleam of traditional gems, you are in fact witnessing your eyes recycling organic sunlight. Never again deal with the hassle of loosing gems or studs - our Touch of Class cuffs come steel cut with a dedicated sparkle that will illuminate your cuff for years to come.

Add a Touch of Class to your wardrobe if you love eye catching accessories or you’re a history buff with a killer sense of style.


Specs: Original steel-cut Victorian button on soft .5" camel brown leather on Japanese denim wrapped cuff.  Fastened with our "Just Right Sizing" with adjustable closure.

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