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Faith in Flight


Rustic Brown
Midnight Black
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Adoration. Connection. Escape.

During times of war, soldiers in the trenches would create handcrafted gifts for their loved ones back home out of battle scraps. Objects such as bombshells, bullet casings, wood slivers and even bone could be repurposed to create a “sweetheart pin” for their mothers, girlfriends or sisters. These tiny souvenirs were thought to be a great comfort for their loved ones during their wartime absence. This unique sweetheart trench-art pin was created from a WWII Air Force.

Call this cuff your own if you know the power of love to bridge long distances or the strength that affection can foster when shared with those we care about.


Specs: This bronze replica is complimented by a heart center piece on a soft 1.25” thick brown cuff. Flanked by modern gold accents and fastened by our "Just Right" adjustable sizing closure.

Leather options: Rustic Brown, Midnight Black

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