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Playful. Daring. Imaginative.

This cuff is a guaranteed conversation starter and comes with built in fun. Radiating nostalgia from the 40’s, this tiny toy revolver has us reminiscing about our younger years when all we needed was a big imagination to dream the day away. Buyer beware, add BANG BANG to your chest of fashion treasures and it may steal the show every time you free the little Lone Ranger revolver from it’s holster.

Call this cuff your own if you appreciate bold fashion or lighting up a room with fun and energy every time you enter.


Specs: Miniature white bronze replica mounted on a 1.5” wide cuff. Every tiny 6 shooter is secured with a leather rope threaded through eyelets and is easily removable. BANG BANG boldly stamped on both sides of the band, flanked by modern rivet accents and fastened with our "Just Right" adjustable sizing closure to size down to 5" or up to 8" wrist for custom fit.

Leather options: Midnight Black, Rustic Brown

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