• Art is in the details

    Posted on January 19 2015

    Our days are spent running hard to sustain and grow as a small business, but more importantly to grow as an artist.  This journey began four years ago because I...

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  • Addition through Subtraction, my new Brave Collection

    Posted on April 04 2014

      For the last 3 years my design style has been big and bold, but with my latest Brave Collection launching later this month I challenged myself to create more...

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  • Speed Thrills...Life on the Road.

    Posted on June 11 2013

    So after a successful show in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend I had the challenge of getting to the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas Texas by 6pm the next day....

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  • Trench Art

    Posted on May 01 2013

    One of our best designs, the Flyboy cuff, features a rare artifact with a backstory as unique as its look.    The airplane that inspired this design comes from a...

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  • this is my space

    Posted on December 04 2012

    This is where I come to write about what inspires me...and to just share my everyday ramblings.  Let's begin this journey and see where it takes us.

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