Trench Art

Posted on May 01 2013

One of our best designs, the Flyboy cuff, features a rare artifact with a backstory as unique as its look. 


The airplane that inspired this design comes from a pin dating to WWI, handcrafted by a soldier out of wartime debris, or 'battle scrap' as it was called. The piece is a unique example of the sub-genre of folk art known as Trench Art, objects made during wartime out of bombshells, bullet casings, scrap wood or even bone. Most often Trench Art was handmade by soldiers as keepsakes for loved ones back home.

A bit of research into the topic revealed amazing stories. For history buffs, Trench Art provides fascinating clues into the material world in the trenches. For art lovers, it's a reminder of the power of craft during some of history's darkest moments. The bullet shells etched with floral patterns make me think of a soldier's longing for escape from ugly circumstances.

We will continue our hunt for more great Trench Art artifacts. Until the next find...

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